Talking Pointes with Servy Gallardo (Part 2/2)

I had the honor of interviewing SPBC’s Artistic Director, Servy Gallardo, for our first vlog! Enjoy part 2/2, where he talks about being a good partner, auditioning, returning from quarantine, and summer intensives!

Being a Good Partner (00:20)
Auditioning Advice (06:50)
Returning from Quarantine (10:13)
Summer Intensives (12:20)

Ballet doesn’t lie. The body doesn’t lie. You need to train all year.

Servy Gallardo, artistic director, St. Petersburg Ballet Conservatory, on best advice for summer auditions

2 thoughts on “Talking Pointes with Servy Gallardo (Part 2/2)

  1. Michele Taets

    What a great instructor! He is so kind and you can just tell how much he cares about his students! Faith and I really enjoyed listening this morning to this! It’s a great thing for dancers near and far to be able to hear such positivity as well as a wealth of information!
    Thank you,
    Michele and Faith 💖


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